Looking for the Best Brunch Menu Options? Choose Multi-Purpose Items

If you are planning a brunch event and you want to make sure that people can eat both breakfast and lunch items, the key is to pick several simple but tasty food options that can be used in a variety of meals. Here are a few ideas you can implement to create many different menu options at your event that should satisfy all of your guests, whether they’re craving traditional morning or afternoon foods and whether they want sweet or savory choices.

Kaiser Buns 

With fresh kaiser buns from a local bakery, you can set out both breakfast and lunch sandwich options. You can have a toaster available for people to toast the bread and eat it with butter and jam or cream cheese. Sesame-seed kaiser buns can be paired with deli meats, cheese, and mayonnaise and chicken or tuna salad. These buns are easy to send home with guests and use for leftovers, as well.

Parfait Options

People eat parfaits all throughout the day. You can offer a couple types of yogurt and then have toppings that your guests can choose from, like fresh fruit, seeds, raisins, flavored gelatin, and more. If your guests haven’t had breakfast they may want to put a lot of fruit in their parfait. If they are in the mood for eating lunch they could want salty options like sunflower seeds. You can even have chocolate or caramel sauce and chocolate chips or nuts for a desert parfait. You can also offer waffle bowels for people to put their parfaits into. 

Home Fries

Home fries, both traditional and sweet potato, are ideal for people that want a more hearty meal or just want to graze. The salt is a great contrast to the sweet options you’ll have, and you can mix the fries with French toast or a hearty sandwich. Either type of fries also offers an alternative option for those that are looking for something starchy to eat. Dust the fries with sea salt and put out ketchup for people who want to enjoy the home fries.

If you are worried about having too little food at your brunch or not having enough of a variety, make sure that you look for menu options that are going to satisfy the breakfast eaters as well as those looking to have their midday lunch. As long as the guests can get a main course and a few sides, they should have enough food to enjoy the event. 

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