Wedding Menu Ideas For A Picnic Themed Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding with a picnic theme gives you plenty of unique options for catering and decorating. Working closely with the wedding catering company for your event can help to ensure the menu fits the theme perfectly. Here are a few menu ideas to share with your caterer to create a beautiful and delicious picnic-themed wedding.

Picnic Basket Meals

Serve up your meal in traditional picnic baskets to bring your wedding theme to each table. Use one basket for each menu item and use baskets of different sizes to hold the main entree and the different side dishes. Fried chicken, corn on the cob and biscuits work great with this theme, and they are all easy to eat without flatware. Consider using gingham-print basket liners to add a beautiful finishing touch to each basket.

Fresh Fruit Appetizers

Summer weddings sometimes mean hot weather, so consider starting off your meal with cold fruit appetizers. The cool fruits offer a refreshing start to the meal, and they can be served in a number of ways. You can serve up skewers of fresh fruits and serve them in mason jars or on platters, or simply place bowls of fruit at each place setting to start off your meal.

Grilled Burgers And Cold Deli Sandwiches

To truly stick to the theme, opt for plated burgers and cold deli sandwiches. Your caterer can wrap these items in deli paper to help eliminate any messes and make the sandwiches easier for your guests to eat. Consider serving them with pomme frites or freshly made potato chips to elevate the casual them, and look for unique ways to serve these foods. Brightly colored diner-style baskets make great serving pieces for a casual picnic-themed wedding, or you can work with your caterer to put the burgers and sandwiches in brown paper bags for a fun way to serve the meal. Be sure to add a ribbon or use a rubber stamp to decorate the bags to make them a bit more upscale. Label the bags with the contents within so guests can choose between a hot meal and a cold one.

Picnic Drink Stations

Iced tea, lemonade and pink lemonade are all refreshing outdoor drinks you can serve to your guests. Consider having a table set up with large drink dispensers filled with these beverages, which guests can them help themselves to. In keeping with the picnic theme, consider having mason jars and fun straws ready for your guests at each drink station. You can also have your bartenders serve up alcoholic versions of these beverages at the bar area. Keeping the drink stations away from the bar can make it easier for your younger wedding guests to get beverages that are appropriate for their age.

Work with your wedding caterer on these ideas and any others you may have to bring a truly unique picnic theme to your wedding, and don’t be afraid to get creative with the plating and decorations to make your big day extra special.  

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