Gourmet Chocolates: Four Tips For Creating Delicious Truffles

Most everyone loves gourmet chocolates. The silky smooth chocolate, sweet toppings or fillings, and luscious mouthfeel are just a few reasons why they are so popular. They make a great treat and even better gift, especially for special occasions. One of the most popular types of gourmet chocolates is the truffle. It’s decadent, delicious, and downright divine.

While you could certainly purchase gourmet chocolate truffles, another option is to make them yourself. It might sound hard, but with a little finesse, it is quite easy.

If you are interested in making chocolate truffles, keep these four tips in mind:

1. Chill Out

One of the most important parts of creating truffles is chilling the “dough.” The chocolate concoction needs sufficient time to become cool to the touch and somewhat rigid. But it shouldn’t be chilled so long that it becomes hard. There is no hard and fast rules when it comes to chocolate, so just pour the chocolate into a pan and place it in your refrigerator. Check on it every 30 minutes until the concoction is chilled thoroughly.

2. Taste Test

If you have ever made chocolates and found that the taste was less then pleasant, don’t fret. It happens. Most people blindly buy melting chocolate and use it to create truffles and other goodies. While these chocolates work perfectly well, they might not taste the best.

To get the best tasting truffle, use chocolate that you like when it’s eaten raw. Take a few nibbles of the chocolate you plan to use before melting it down and chilling. If you like the taste, continue making your treats. If you don’t like it, choose another chocolate.

3. Keep It Dry

A couple drops of water can seriously damage your chocolate. Melted chocolate does not like liquids, so keep your work space and utensils dry. You do not want any water to get into the chocolate because it might seize up and then you will wind up with a big ball of weird-textured chocolate. For an extra measure of safety, keep paper towels or a clean towel nearby to mop up any water messes.

4. Process Carefully

You can use a food processor to make melting the chocolate easier. The food processor will quickly break up the chocolate, which will save you time and frustration. However, you do need to cut the chocolate first, especially if it is in a big block. Use a sharp knife and cut it into peanut-sized pieces, and then place it into the food processor. Process the chocolate until it reaches a sand-like consistency and then put it in the double boiler to melt.

Making gourmet chocolate truffles may sound intimidating, but with the proper knowledge and some patience, it is quite easy. Use these tips to make it easier.

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