Unpasteurized Clover Honey: Where To Buy It And How To Care For It

Unpasteurized clover honey has many health benefits, and is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties to keep you healthy. When clover honey is kept from the pasteurizing process, it retains its original, fresh-from-the-hive flavor with sweet clover infusion. While unpasteurized honey is reported to be extremely healthy, you do need to make sure you care for it properly, only buy it from reputable sources, and always keep it out of the hands of children under one. Learn where to buy clover honey in its pure form and how to care for it to keep it fresh for cooking and eating straight from the jar.

Buying unpasteurized clover honey

When buying unpasteurized clover honey, always seek out organic stores or local beekeepers. Unpasteurized honey should only be purchased from companies or individuals who take care to collect and package their honey so it does not get contaminated from outside sources. If purchasing unpasteurized honey from your local grocer, look for key words, such as ‘organic’, ‘raw’, ‘locally collected’ and ‘unpasteurized’ to help you choose high quality honey you can enjoy every day.

The most pure and high-quality unpasteurized clover honey you can buy will be directly from your local beekeeper during the seasons bees produce the most honey. Honey is typically harvested in the early summer through late fall, so this is the optimum time to grab yourself a couple jars of untouched clover honey.

Caring for your honey

Unpasteurized honey should always be stored in airtight containers. This helps keep moisture and bacteria from getting into the honey. If the honey you have was harvested prematurely, it may have too much water in it, which can leave it prone to spoiling quickly. You can cook with unpasteurized honey or eat it raw safely, but be careful to keep all honey away from babies under one. Botulism spores which may be naturally present in any kind of honey can make a baby very sick, but do not affect adult immune systems. As long as you can keep air and moisture away from your unpasteurized clover honey, you should be fine to consume it raw or use it in cooking and baking.

Clover honey is a tasty culinary treat to add to your ingredient list. If you can get your hands on an unpasteurized variety, you will be pleasantly surprised how amazing pure honey can be. Take care of it properly and buy from the best sources possible, and you can enjoy unpasteurized honey anytime you wish.

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