3 Tips For Safely Eating Out With Food Allergies

Many restaurants are taking steps today to learn more about food allergies because there are so many people affected by this problem. If you have any type of food allergy and want to eat out at a restaurant, you will have more work to find somewhere to eat and something to eat, so here are a few tips to help you stay safe when eating out.

Research Restaurants

While many people can simply pick any restaurant to go to, you might not have this luxury. If you’re planning on eating out, it might require research before you go. To begin your research, you can look online at the restaurant you are planning on going to. This may give you an idea of whether the restaurant is aware of food allergies, and it might help you know what to order.

The National Restaurant Association is an organization that helps restaurant owners manage their businesses, and one of the services they offer is education relating to food allergies. Through the classes offered through this organization, restaurant owners can learn:

  • About common food allergies and the problems caused when people consume foods they are allergic to
  • How to prevent cross-contamination with foods that people might be allergic to
  • How to prepare meal entrees that do not contain certain foods
  • Proper measures for educating their employees on this topic

If a restaurant has completed courses relating to this, they might advertise this on their website. A restaurant’s website may also give you more information about measures they take to assist customers that have food allergies, and you might be able to view the restaurant’s menu on its website. 

Avoid Busy Times

When a restaurant is really busy, it might be harder for the server to spend the necessary amount of time talking to you about your allergies. Busy times also make it harder to talk to a manager or chef at the restaurant. If you plan your visits during times when the restaurant is not as busy, you may feel more confident with the information you are given from the staff.

Play It Safe

When you arrive and place your order, always play it safe. If you are not 100% convinced that a particular entrée will be free of the ingredient you’re allergic to, don’t order it. By knowing and understanding your food allergies thoroughly, you will know exactly what to avoid eating.

The problem to consider is that the server might not comprehend the full nature of your allergy, and you might end up with misleading information.

Eating out with food allergies is possible, but it may take more work. When you end up finding a restaurant that can cater to your needs, you may want to visit that restaurant more often. Plan ahead and learn about various restaurants, such as Franchesco’s Ristorante, before heading out, and you should be good to go.

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